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BrandMail® - Not just another email stationery

Did you know that the average business email user now receives 100 or more emails every day*? This fact MULTIPLIES the VALUE of using email on letterhead that delivers maximum impact and professionalism. You need email that cuts through in-box clutter to be quickly noticed and read. Your email letterhead stationery MUST
      • attract attention in a crowded inbox
      • look professional in all email programs,
      • show logo at TOP for quick preview identification,
      • be personal and say: “Read me!”
so that your email will get the action you desire.
BrandMail®'s signed, business email on letterhead makes it easy and affordable. And BrandMail® delivers and displays BETTER THAN ANY OTHER email stationery.

It couldn't be simpler or easier. You send email just as you always have, the difference is how it looks and the results you get when it arrives. Improve your company’s image daily while increasing response that will make your business grow—start using BrandMail® today!   
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  * The Radicati Group, July 2005

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